South Dakota Historical Schools


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Historical Features are physical or cultural features that are no longer visible on the landscape. Examples: a dried up lake, a destroyed building, a hill leveled by mining. The term makes no reference to the age, use, or any other aspect of the feature. A ghost town, for example, is not a historical feature if it is still visible.

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Name County USGS Topo Map
Altruria School Deuel Estelline NE
Anderson School Douglas Corsica
Antelope Valley School Deuel Clear Lake South
Ash Creek School Clay Centerville
Baier School Douglas Delmont
Baird School Douglas Armour
Baker School Number 4 Jerauld Lyonville
Baruth School Sanborn Forestburg SW
Battle Creek School Deuel Astoria
Bellview School Clay Wakonda
Bemis School Deuel Estelline NE
Berg School Number 6 Jerauld Frankfort
Bethel School Clay Gayville NE
Bethel School Roberts Claire City SW
Beulah School Douglas Corsica Lake
Bijou Ridge School Clay Irene
Bolton School Number 3 Jerauld Wessington Springs SW
Brenner School Douglas Delmont
Bull Creek School Tripp Rattlesnake Butte East
Bultje School Douglas New Holland
Busse School Number 2 Jerauld Woonsocket NW
Busy Bend School Clay Vermillion
Cadwell School Deuel Lake Francis
Callahan School Number 1 Jerauld Woonsocket
Center School Sanborn Forestburg SW
Center School Number 4 Jerauld Forestburg NE
Center School Number 5 Jerauld Redfield North
Chandler School Douglas Armour SW
Circle Grove School Clay Gayville
Clark School Douglas Corsica
Claybaugh School Douglas Armour
Cole School Douglas Armour SW
Cole School Deuel Gary NW
Coleman School Number 2 Jerauld Cottonwood Lake
Colony School Sanborn Forestburg
Coyote Center School Douglas Corsica Lake
Crandall School Sanborn Artesian NW
De Lange School Douglas New Holland
Dean School Number 3 Jerauld Wessington Springs SW
Devine School Number 24 Clay Gayville NE
Duncan School Number 3 Buffalo Duncan Church
Eastman School Number 4 Jerauld Alpena
Ebenezer School Douglas Corsica Lake
Eden School Number 5 Jerauld Gannvalley SE
Episcopal Boys School Stanley Iron Post Buttes
Evans School Douglas Armour
Fairview School Deuel Clear Lake NE
Fineran School Douglas Corsica Lake
Four Bear School Dewey Four Bear Creek
Frog Creek School Clay Wakonda
Garden Valley School Douglas Corsica
Gerlach School Douglas Hillside
Germantown Country Schoolhouse Codington Still Lake SE
Good View School Deuel Astoria
Government Indian School Roberts Goodwill
Grandview School Douglas Corsica Lake
Grandview School Hughes Oahe Dam
Gravning School Deuel Estelline SE
Grisinger School Number 3 Jerauld Lane
Hainey School Number 4 Jerauld Wessington Springs SW
Hanson School Number 1 Jerauld Wessington Springs NW
Harmony School Clay Meckling
Hayes School Buffalo Duncan Church
Hennink School Douglas Joubert
Hessdorfer School Number 5 Jerauld Woonsocket
Hillside School Douglas Hillside
Hillside School Deuel Astoria
Hilltop School Deuel Bemis
Huston School Douglas Armour
Hyde School Number 69 Codington Still Lake NE
Indian Mission School Roberts Goodwill
Ireland School Number 54 Clay Wakonda
Jackson Number 1 School Charles Mix Campbell Creek
Johnson School Number 5 Jerauld Ashton
Jongejeugd School Douglas Joubert
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