South Dakota Land Garants and Other (Census Class Code NA)


South Dakota Land Grants & Other Unclassified Civil Features

Civil Features Not Classified by the US Census Bureau:

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Name County USGS Topo Map
Burdick County (historical) Harding Redig NE
Choteau County (historical) Perkins Date
Delano County (historical) Meade Opal East SW
Ewing County (historical) Harding Ladner SE
Lugenbeel County (historical) Bennett Martin
Mandan County (historical) Meade South of Volunteer
Martin County (historical) Perkins Little Nasty Creek
Meyer County (historical) Mellette Mission SE
Nowlin County (historical) Haakon Lucerne
Pratt County (historical) Jones Murdo
Presho County (historical) Lyman Brakke Dam
Pyatt County (historical) Ziebach High Elk Hill SW
Rinehart County (historical) Perkins Coal Springs SW
Schnasse County (historical) Corson Irish Creek NW
Scobey County (historical) Meade White Owl
Town of Buffalo Chip Meade Fort Meade
Township of Kennebec Lyman Gettysburg Municipal Airport NE
Township of Morton Sully Gettysburg Municipal Airport SE
Unorganized Territory of Central Perkins Perkins Date NE
Wagner County (historical) Perkins Meadow NW
Washabaugh County (historical) Jackson Wanblee
Washington County (historical) Pennington Stirk Table
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