Codington County SD Civil


Codington County Cultural Features: Civil

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Name County USGS Topo Map
City of Watertown Codington Watertown West
Town of Florence Codington Florence
Town of Henry Codington Henry
Town of Kranzburg Codington Kranzburg
Town of South Shore Codington South Shore
Town of Wallace Codington Wallace
Township of Dexter Codington Florence
Township of Eden Codington Wallace
Township of Elmira Codington Watertown East
Township of Fuller Codington Florence
Township of Germantown Codington Still Lake SE
Township of Graceland Codington Henry
Township of Henry Codington Hazel
Township of Kampeska Codington Grover
Township of Kranzburg Codington Kranzburg
Township of Lake Codington Watertown West
Township of Leola Codington South Shore
Township of Pelican Codington Pelican Lake
Township of Phipps Codington Wallace
Township of Rauville Codington Still Lake SE
Township of Richland Codington Kampeska
Township of Sheridan Codington Watertown SE
Township of Waverly Codington South Shore
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